Browse with Scene
1. Photo list with dates

After launching Scene you will see the main photo list. This shows all the photos in your smartphone in a list ordered by date.

2. Calendar View

Tap a date icon in the photo list to see your photos in Calendar View. Find the date you want, then tap it to see photos taken on that day.

3. Smart Slider

Scroll to reveal the Smart Slider. See your photos’ dates as you slide through. This lets you find the pic you’re looking for in a snap.

4. Open a photo

Tap a photo in the list to view it full-screen. Swipe to go to the next photo, or pinch to zoom in. The toolbar at the bottom of the screen offers additional functions.

Toolbar Functions

Detailed photo info
Copy to another album
5. Other features


Send or delete photos, etc.

*Menu contents differ depending on the current screen.

Tab Bar

Use the tab bar at the bottom of the screen to view your albums, app settings, and more.

Tab Bar Icons

Profile (view/add friends)