Share with Scene Share on the Web
Scene lets you publish your albums to the web quickly and easily. This is great for making a photoblog or creating a collaborative photo collection. Post the link to Facebook, Twitter, your blog, or wherever, and find fans all over the world! Fans of your albums can leave feedback in the form of “liking” your photos and posting comments.

*Public albums can also be viewed from smartphone or PC web browsers.

1. Publish an album

Open the album you want to publish and choose Share Album > Share on the Web.

2. Check sharing settings

Double-check the sharing settings. Change the album name and cover photo, as well as permissions for album fans: whether or not they can add photos, leave comments, etc.

*Change these settings at any time, even after sharing.
3. You’re published!

Once the upload has completed, your album is ready to share. Post the link to Facebook, Twitter, or Google+, or send it to friends via email, LINE, etc.

*Public albums may also be displayed on the Scene Gallery site.
4. Open your album

Open your public album and on the cover photo you will see the number of fans and views your album has received. Swipe the cover photo to the left to show the album description.

*“Fans” indicates the number of people who have opened the album and are following it in the Scene app. “Views” indicates the number of times the album has been accessed from the web or within the app.
*Tap on the lower right of the album description to edit the description, change the cover photo, and more.

*Public albums have a icon in the lower left.

5. Add photos to your album

Add new photos to your album by tapping Add Photos. Optionally add captions to each additional photo.

*Fans will receive notifications about new photos and edits to captions.
*Newly added photos will appear at the end of the album. To have new photos appear at the top, change the Add To setting in Album Settings.
6. Change album settings

Change settings such as the photo sort order and user permissions from the Album Settings menu item. Tap in the upper right and select Album Settings.

* Stop sharing at any time by tapping Stop Sharing. The album will become private, and other users will no longer be able to access it from the web or from the Scene app. (Please note that all comments will be deleted when stopping sharing.)

★ Join an album

If you find an album you like on the web, try joining it.

Tap Join This Album in the lower right and open the album in the Scene app to join.

Once you’ve joined you can…

View the album at any time from your album list
“Like” photos and post comments
Receive notifications when new photos or comments are added
Post your own photos (if the owner allows it)

You’ll discover a whole new way of enjoying photos!