Share with Scene Share with Friends and Family
Sharing albums with friends and family is a breeze. Send via email, LINE, and more, even to people who don’t have the Scene app.
1. Start sharing

Open the album you want to share and choose Share Album > Share with Friends & Family.

2. Check sharing settings

Double-check the sharing settings. Change the album name and cover photo, as well as permissions for other users: whether or not they can add photos, invite other users, etc.

*Change these settings at any time, even after sharing.
*Set a password to keep your album even more private.
3. Choose a sharing method

Choose how you want to share. Send easily to Scene Friends, or use email, LINE, SMS, etc., to send the album link to anyone, even if they don’t use Scene.

*Album links can be viewed anywhere, including desktop browsers and feature phones.

*How to use QR Codes

❶ Sharing:
Tap Share Album > QR Code to show the code.
❷ Receiving:
From the drawer tap More > QR Reader and scan the code.

4. Open your album

Open your album and you’ll see a tab bar for switching between the photo list and comment feed, and an icon for viewing participating users. Swipe the cover photo to the left to show the album description.

*Tap on the lower right of the album description to edit the description, change the cover photo, and more.

*View album history including all comments, added photos, and invited users on the Comments tab.

5. View photos

Open a photo and tap in the lower right to see comments about that photo. Communicate with your friends by liking photos and swapping comments.

*If you want to delete a comment, tap . A Delete button will appear.
6. Add photos to your album

Add new photos to your album by tapping Add Photos. Optionally add captions to each additional photo.

*Participating users will receive notifications about new photos and edits to captions.
*Add or edit captions at any time, even after adding photos to the album.
7. Change album settings

Change settings such as the photo sort order and user permissions from the Album Settings menu item. Tap in the upper right and select Album Settings.

*Stop sharing at any time by tapping Stop Sharing. The album will become private, and other users will no longer be able to access it from the web or from the Scene app. (Please note that all comments will be deleted when stopping sharing.)

★ Scene Friends

Sharing albums is even easier when you and your close friends and family are Scene Friends.

Tap Friends in the drawer. A list of your friends will appear. Tap “Add friends” to add a new friend.

If your new friend is close by, tap Show/Input Friend ID and enter his or her ID.
Otherwise, tap Send an Invitation to send your Friend ID via email, LINE, etc.
*If you share an album link via email or LINE and the recipient installs Scene to view the album, you will be automatically registered as friends.