User Guide

Scene Connect is a program that lets you sync photos from your PC or Mac to the Scene app on your smartphone. Don’t leave your memories buried in some folder on your home computer—take them with you with Scene Connect.

1. Install Scene Connect
Get Scene Connect from the official Scene website:
Download and install Scene Connect.
2. Pair with the Scene app
Open Scene Connect, then in the Scene app on your smartphone go to More > QR Code and scan the code displayed on your computer.
*If you haven’t registered an account yet, please do so from within the Scene app. (Learn More)
3. Sync your photos
Find a folder containing photos you want to sync, then drag and drop it onto the Scene Connect window.
*You can also select a folder with the Add Folder button in the upper left.
*Adding a folder will not alter it in any way.
*Drag and drop folders, not individual photos.
Once your photos have been synced with the server, they will be available for viewing in the Scene app.
*Sync up to 3,000 photos for free.
*Upgrade to Scene Premium for unlimited synced photos.
*Photos will be optimized for viewing in Scene. This service can’t be used to back up originals.
Folders you add will automatically be kept in sync with the server. New photos will be sent to the server, and removed photos will be deleted from the server.
4. Remove a folder
To stop syncing a folder, select it and click the Remove button in the upper left. The photos in the folder will be deleted from the server, and will no longer appear in Scene.
*Removing a folder from Scene Connect will not affect the local folder or files on your computer.
When a folder you’ve added has subfolders, you can choose to sync or remove each subfolder separately. Right-click a folder and choose Sync Settings. Then deselect folders to stop syncing them.
5. View in the Scene app