Organize with Scene
1. Organizing photos

Scene makes it easy to organize your photos into albums. First, tap Organize in the menu (or swipe the screen to the right). This opens Organize Mode, with the album tray on the left.

2. Create an album

Select photos by tapping them, then touch and hold, and drag them onto New Album. That’s all there is to it!

*Drag and drop photos onto an existing album to add them to that album.
*Tap a date to select all photos taken on that date.
3. View your new album

Tap Albums in the drawer to see a list of your albums. Your new album is shown on the right of the first row.

*Touch and hold an album to rearrange it.
*Tap to reveal a menu allowing you to delete, copy, etc., your albums.
*Tap in the upper left to search your albums.
4. Open your album

Tap the album you created to open it, revealing the photos inside. Swipe the cover photo to the left and tap Edit to rename the album, change the cover photo, or add an album description.

*Touch and hold a photo to rearrange it. Resize thumbnails by pinching.

Button Guide

  • Show menu
     (send/copy/delete photos, album settings, etc.)
  • Add photos to album
  • Share album

5. Change album settings

Change settings such as the photo sort order from the Album Settings menu item.

6. Add captions

Add captions or notes to photos in your album. Tap below the photo and enter a caption.
*Tap the photo to hide everything but the photo.

★ Register an account

By registering a Scene account, your albums will be synced via our servers to your other devices, or to your shiny new device if you upgrade to a newer model.

*Be sure to register and sync your data before upgrading.
In the drawer, tap Settings > “Register new account”.
Enter your email address, password, etc., then tap Next.
You will receive an email with a four-digit confirmation code. Enter this code, and you’re done.