5. View in the Scene app
(for iOS)
You will receive a notification whenever a new folder is added to Scene Connect.
Tap the notification to see a list of folders available through Scene Connect. Select folders you want to sync, then tap OK in the upper right.
*Tap to the right of a folder to see its subfolders.
*If no folders are shown, try reloading by pulling the list down.
Scene will start downloading your photos. When finished, the downloaded photos will appear in the main photo list.
*A Wi-Fi connection is recommended when syncing lots of photos.
*Tap the Close button to continue syncing in the background, but note that progress may slow down or be interrupted depending on system activity.
6. Change sync settings
Select More from the tab bar, then tap Scene Connect. A list of computers connected to Scene Connect will appear. Tap a computer name to select or deselect folders on that machine.
*Deselect a folder to delete its photos from the Scene app.
*Photos you’ve added to albums will not be deleted.